The process and Media of Dye Sublimation

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The,Dye,Sublimation,process,offers,schools,and,colleges,the,chance,to,invest,in,a,new,technology,that,is,being,widely,used,in,industry,to,decorate,many,everyday,items,that students,can,easily,identify,with
  • The process and Media of Dye Sublimation

    One of the main advantages of Dye Sublimation Printers is the media they use. Unlike Inkjet printers that have many different cartridges which run out at different times Dye Sub just use a ribbon and paper which has many advantages.
     The main advantages of Dye Sublimation Photo Printers, are their low running costs and the ability for you to know exactly how many prints you will get.
    A Media pack contains the ribbon and paper, and you always get a fixed number of prints in the pack. This enables you to know exactly how much each print costs; something that is almost impossible with inkjet printers.
    Unlike many inkjet printers, where a large number of consumables are required, Dye Sublimation Printers only require one consumable pack, which contains everything you need.
    The number of images in each pack varies with the manufacturer and type of media pack. Some manufacturers do sell the ribbon and paper separately, but most sell both items together in one pack. Either way it is only the Ribbon and Paper that are needed to print and you always know how many prints you will get for a given cost.
      The process of Dye Sublimation has a significant relevance in many
    areas of a modern educational establishment and within the curriculum.
    The process is cross-curricular and is being used widely in the departments and areas within many schools and colleges across the UK. The process is incredibly flexible. It allows students of all ages and abilities, to produce a wide range of ‘true retail quality’ printed
    items. These items not only compliment the quality of their computer
    aided designs, but leave students with a high satisfaction level in relation to their finished work. The Dye Sublimation process offers schools and colleges the chance to invest in a new technology that is being widely used in industry to decorate many everyday items that
    students can easily identify with. Whether you are a school or an
    industrial manufacturer, the print quality is identical, the ink is identical, the paper is identical and the imprintable substrates are identical
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