Best Cleaning Tool-- Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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  • Basically, every microfiber cleaning cloth can meet the cleansing demand of electronic products and jewelary, i.e. to wipe and clean the fine surfaces without causing any harm. In general, fine surfaces can be damaged by hard particles sticked to the cleaning cloth but not by the cleaning cloth itself.

    The material of microfiber wiping cloth consists of the following two special characteristics:

    a)   The wiping cloth is composed of very fine individual fiber at a diameter of 1/100 of a piece of hair.

    b)   A typical microfiber is of triangle or kite shape but not round or oval shape.

    The wiping power can be fully utilized by the unique diameter and shape of microfiber. The wiping cloth can be used widely in various means, from glasses to high-tech fine surfaces and even precious diamond or jewelry. It can also be used wet or dry.

    Most of the microfiber providers silk printed their company details or contact information directly on the microfiber. We noticed that the printing ink may have adverse effect on the fine surfaces being wiped because hard color particles may cause harm to the fine surfaces. That is why in principle the Elephant Digital Printing Manufacturing Company Limited does not provide silk printing on microfiber wiping cloth unless it is strongly requested or required by clients. For high-quality wiping cloth, we recommend our specialty --sublimation printing. It is very environmental friendly and you cannot feel the printing with your hand or ant press printing effect?. These in certain extend guarantee the wiping cloth is green and the wiping power is not subject to any other influence.

    The Elephant has received orders from various trades and enterprises for the supply of high-quality printed microfibercleaning cloth series: lens cleaning cloth, screen cleaning clotheye glasses cleaning clothspectacle cleaning clothssilver cleaning cloths and jewelry cleaning cloth

    Welcome to contact and visit for more information. Elephant is always at your service.

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