The Booming Secret of Microfiber Sticky Cleaner

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  •    Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair has been over for two months yet we still have been receiving many inquiries about microfiber sticky cleaners. Suddenly sticky cleaner becomes a hot topic of the Fair. Why is that?


       Made from a microfiber cleaning cloth with digital printing and eco friend semi-sticky gel, microfiber sticky cleaners are ideal products for both cleaning and marketing. It can adhere to the device thanks to the gel behind when it is not in use and show off your brand or promotional details. When in use, microfiber cleaning cloth at top can easily wipe off the dust and stain on screen and leaves no scratch to the delicate surface. What is more, custom print and shape and size are available for  production.


       Those are the perfect products for iPhone, iPad, Laptop, and Notebook Users.And also they are the best tech related giveaway items. So now you see why, right?


       Welcome to contact for inquiry or log in for more info. Elephant Digital Printing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is always at your service.

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