2011 great corporate gift and give aways

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  • 2011 years is coming to an end, in the remaining two to three months time, the biggest party of the company is the year end party, and customer reception, wedding, and so on. Each organizers hope to use the party enhance feelings, and promote the company. The corporate gifts do have this mission.


    Here the best corporate gift in 2011 to provide arts and crafts selection of summary.


    Digital Printing Microfiber iPad screen cleaning cloth -the creative company logo, or need to convey the idea of design with full color printed on Microfiber cleaning cloth. Not only promote the company culture and deeply clean the iPhone, iPad screen which are often disturbing by fingerprints is the popular give aways to company. For the wedding occasions, we can also be caused by a new beautiful wedding photos at your hands clean cloth love, also is the new happiness guests in the hands of a good way to communicate.


    Digital Printing Microfiber cell phone cleaning sticker -cleaning sticker is a infinite time of viscose cleaning products, such as photography lovers often took camera and lens along. The lens of the SLR cameras need to clear in time, 1 side for lens cleaning, the other side for stick up and protecting the screen. This great gift can be used at any time, very convenient! With a company logo the small gifts shows a company reputation to the customer all around.


    Creative Printing Carabiner Hook – Carabiner hook is also called buckle. It is small, but has widely usage and practicability is extremely high. You will find that, on the kettle with a carabiner hook, cell phone bag with a carabiner hook, and even a lot of young people will put the carabiner hook as handbags plug-in accessories, reveal personality. We research and development of new technology, the design concept of printing with personalized way to climbing buckle on, let the delicate adorn article bring the company borrows the publicity effect.


    Elephant Digital Prinitng Mfg specializing in the production of Microfiber and focus on digital printing is what we focus on the needs of the guests, pay attention to our production quality, long time in Japan and Europe and the United States of the gift market quite popular.

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