Glasses cleaning cloth regular size and extended u

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    Glasses cleaning cloth regular size and extended usage


    Glasses cleaning cloth is early in order to clean glasses of dirt and fingerprints and derivative of the gift, many glasses will sell the supplier in glasses while supporting Glasses cleaning cloth and eyeglasses box, one is for promotional use, 2nd is to provide cleaning glasses convenience. A new generation of Glasses cleaning cloth based on Microfiber, general size of the glasses cleaning cloth is 15 x15cm or 18 x18cm in order to protect the eyeglasses.


    But with the creation of contact lens products and high technology treatment, with glasses have taken a toll, glasses company cost saving, Glasses cleaning cloth demand is big give discount. We need to redefine Glasses cleaning cloth-microfiber market.


    Microfiber has powerful cleaning ability, even fingerprints, or stains, soft surfaces are very easy to fix the problem. For the purpose of the Glasses cleaning cloth made strong matting extension. We seem to see the microfiber can blend into any one industry.

    The IT industry-computer screen clean cloth (screen cleaning cloth), mobile phone screen clean cloth (mobile cleaning cloth), iPhone/iPad screen clean cloth (iPad/iPhone screen cleaning cloth)

    The jewellery industry-to wipe away the silver cloth (silver polishing cloth), polishing cloth, rare wrist watch clean cloth (watch cleaning cloth)

    Camera industry-Lens clean cloth (Lens cleaning cloth)


    Another microfiber and digital printing, directly into the present market, as the iPad sleeve, Mobile bag. Creative- Microfiber cleaning sticker this product would be 2012 years of the most popular gift, 6 x7cm size microfiber cleaning sticker, single microfiber is the other side is unlimited time glue, such as SLR lens customers can carry the clean posted in the display screen on the stick, to help protect the display screen, and secondly on need in May at any time torn off, not occupied position, not easy to lose. Can also according to customer preferences custom specifications, the most DuoRen like hello Kitty, if make it microfiber cleaning sticker, shape can be represented as hello Kitty design and then printed on a pretty face, customers can stick in the mobile phone back, peel down when need to cleaning, stick on mobile phones can prevent scratch on the back, and at any time for businesses do promotion.

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