The Best Promotional Digital Printing Ceramic Mug

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    Ceramic gift mug is a popular corporate gift or the gift for promotional use. Because of ceramic mug is presenting the sense of massiness and simple, and the digital printing ceramic mug is full of the artistic temperaments. The printing methods to ceramic mug separated into, roasted ceramic mug, glazed ceramic mug, digital printing ceramic gift mugs, etc. Therefore, ceramic mug as a promotional material and corporate gift, provides company more choices for promotion.


    Digital printing ceramic mug only request the ceramic mug in white color and straight body. No color limit, not artwork limit, provides free creation space. We use eco-friendly digital printing ink which passed environmental test by many European and American countries. Producing the digital printing ceramic mug not only can be at ease use, the fine ceramic mug is one thing souvenirs, daily handicraft art, souvenirs, advertising gift even collections. Digital printing ceramic gift mugs can be wildly used in the office, entertainment, public, meetings etc. The advantage of advertising Ceramic mug is obvious.


    The advantages of digital printing ceramic gift mugs

    1. Large advertising area

    2. Flexible advertisement carrier!

    3. Suitable for any market

    4. Let the brand stick to it!

    5. According to the requirements of customers, applicable to different style, color and LOGO;

    6. As enterprise promotional products or gifts, ceramic mug is on cheaper price, glass can be printed on the logo and phone number and address, relevant product pictures and information!

    7. Competitive Price,

    8. Enterprise gifts, anniversary gifts, festival gifts, promotion gifts, distributed activities of the souvenir, meeting, house property, and so on.


     Our products are sold to overseas countries, America, Europe, Japan, Korea, and other countries are in long-term cooperation. Should you have any further request please feel free to contact us.

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