DigiClean-the new promotional product

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    Q: If we want a do the company promotion but currently our company have the budget limit, which product carrying the best promotional effect?

    A: We developed a new product called Digi Clean or Sticky Cleaner. This product is small and could be stick to the mobile that your company logo or beautiful artwork would be show around.


    Q: How does the Sticky Cleaner works?

    A: The Sticky Cleaner thin as paper but with 2 special surfaces. One is microfiber for artwork printing and screen/lens’ cleaning, the other side is able to stick to the item surface. For Example when you need to remove the finger print, dust on the iPhone/iPad Screen, only peel down the sticky cleaner and use the microfiber surface for screen cleaning


    Q: Can you manufacture some special shape.

    A: We can produce different shape according to your design.

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