The Importance of Microfiber Lens Cloth for Camera

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  • All of us can understand the importance of keeping the lens as clean as possible because the lens is your camera’s window to world. Cleaning the lens requires some special consideration especially about the cleaning tool to ensure that you don’t damage the delicate glass. When it comes to cleaning lens, a microfiber lens cleaning cloth is highly recommended.
    Microfiber lens cleaning cloth is made of microfiber that is microscopic polyester or polyamide fibers and has a huge capacity to retain dust, grime, oils, and water. Moreover, it does not scratch the surface of the glass, which is crucial for your camera lens. One must absolutely avoid cleaning glasses with a regular cotton or paper towel, as it can lead to scratches that can blur your vision or cause a bid reduction in clarity
    No matter how dirty your camera lens would be it is never as bad as your floor in garage so we don’t need to use strong cleaning fluid. Usually smudges, dust and fingerprint are main problems and a clean, dry microfiber clean cloth should be enough. If not, just wet your cloth and try again! Remember, just a few drop of water on a lens cloth is ok.
    At present there are microfiber lens cloths with digital printing  available and you can print whatever pattern or logo you need. It is a perfect promotion gift and souvenir.
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