Can we print on any surface using Digital Printing

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    Can we print on any surface using Digital Printing?


    Yes and No.... Well you must understand finer details of this process of dye sublimation transfer to understand why I am saying this.

    When heat and pressure is applied to polyester and certain polymers, the pores in their fibers open up. If substrates made up of such materials are used, then the ink in gaseous form (when it is heated) goes inside these pores of polyester / polymers. After substrate is removed from the heat press, the temperature drops down and as a result, ink solidifies, pores get closed and thus solidified ink remains "embedded" into these polyester fibers. When correctly done (i.e. by using proper pressure, temperature and time), such transfers DO NOT feel to the hand, DO NOT fade away with time, even after multiple washes.

    Knowing above, now I can answer your question easily. Dye Sublimation Printing can be used on all those substrates which are made up of or can be coated with polyester.

    Precisely for this same reason, you CANNOT print any NATURAL material using Dye Sublimation Printing. e.g. 100% cotton T-shirts cannot be sublimation printed as cotton does not have "fibers" and "pores" to retain the solidified sublimated ink.

    However, where there is a will, there is a way. 100% cotton T-shirts can be printed using a process called Heat Transfer Printing and uses either a Laser Printer or an inkjet printer to apply digital printing on either Laser Heat Transfer Papers or Inkjet Heat Transfer Papers. The images printed on these papers are then transferred onto the cotton T-shirts using the flat heat press. To know more about how to print a 100% cotton T-shirt.
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