Mug with Printing
    [Mug with Printing ]
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  • -Components:porcelain
  • -Colore:CMYK
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  • Heat Transfer Printing Mug with Printing Detail
Mug with Printing
   Wait a minute! Our printing is not the traditional high-pollution printing technology. Nowaday Digital Printing (Sublimation Printing) is widely used on mug printing industry and it is also eco-friend, with high color accuracy and strong color fastness. You don''t need to worry about the ink goes into your stomach. Of course we can leave a place for drinking on the mug.No matter how complicated it is the design can be printed on the mug so printing mug is very popular as a promotional gift and souvenir. Our prodcuts includes printing mug, printing ceramic mug, porcelain mug, printing cup,magic mug and so on. If you want to know more about it welcome to Contact Us
Product Information  
Material: Procelain and Ceramic
Print Technology: Digital Printing(Sublimation Printing)
Size: 11oz. Customized size is welcome
Package: 100pcs/poly bag or customer requirement
Product Feature
*  Good quality, durability and soft hand feel. No abrasion after cleaning.
*  Excellent clean ability and water absorption.
*  Any pattern can be printed via digital heat transfer technology
    with strong color fastness and accuracy(over 95%) 
*  Indepandent R&D ability fullfilling your exclusive requirement
*  Self-contained product line with facility and raw material imported from
    Japan and S.Korea can provide you high quality product low price

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